• Natural

      Our Handmade Soaps contain NO genetically modified oils (GMO), and NO added Parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (or similar), unnatural preservatives, or petroleum products to our soaps. All soaps are all natural and vegan except "Goat’s Milk Soaps.”  We use the finest oils and ingredients.

    • Essential Oil

      Essential Oil is a naturally derived plant fluid extracted from bark, leaf, or petals of the plant. Essential oil is usually a "pure" single plant oil, example "Patchouli essential oil" will be from the "Patchouli" leaf.

    • Hemp

      We use unrefined hemp to avoid chemical contamination possible in the refining process. It also gives a nice natural aroma to the soap. Hemp oil adds a unique skin feel and moisturizing effect.

    • Olive Oil

      A traditional emollient used in soap because it is mild and gives a "moisturized feel" to the soap.

    • Sunflower Oil

      Very similar to olive with a lighter/cleaner feel to it.

    • Shea Butter

      Makes a creamier bar with a more "moisturized feel". With sensitive skin, reduced lather can be a good thing, so shea butter can be a real assistant.

    • Coconut

      Coconut adds to hardness and creates "big bubbles" in soap.

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