African Black Soap Bar (4 Bars)


RAW AFRICAN BLACK SOAP   is soft with an organic shape. It has a delicate texture and a natural, earthy smell; it’s not oily and can be used for hands, face, body and hair. It can be used on most skin types, including rough, dry or sensitive skin. It is unscented, and leaves your skin silky smooth.

The benefits of black soap are immense:

  • Helps deep clean skin, clears bumps, spots, and oily skin problems.
  • Helps relieve acne, Eczema and Psoriasis
  • A natural anti-fungal & anti-bacterial soap, enriched with Vitamins A&E & Iron.
  • May be used as a natural shampoo to avoid dry itchy scalp problems.
  • Use to rid skin rashes and body odors.
  • Works against premature facial wrinkles.
  • Great for removing cosmetics.


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Naturally enriched with vitamins A, E and Iron. It has an earthy clean smell, no added fragrances. Handmade from the plantain (fruit) skins, cocoa pod powder and kernel oil for an all natural cleansing process.  It treats acne and many other kinds of skin conditions including rashes, it’s a natural anti-fungal soap and an anti-aging agent that deep cleans pores.  This soap has been used by cultures in South America and Africa for many centuries. Plantain skins are largely what makes this soap so effective; it’s a fruit that grows in Africa & South America, similar to a banana. Cocoa pod powder is the shell of the cocoa fruit – it has natural healing properties as well.

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