Ortho Jelly – 8 oz Jar SOOTHING BODY RUB

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SOOTHING BODY RUB, Certified Organic & Natural. Relaxing & comfort for muscles and joints. Non-greasy formula with a pleasant scent. A propitiatory blend of 24 herbs and essential oils that contains no man made chemicals. Suggested use: Apply to painful areas as often as needed. External use only.

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ORTHO JELLY the best Certified Organic & Natural SOOTHING BODY RUB.  Helps relieve the pain, soreness and discomfort of your tired, or injured muscles and joints.  Suggested use: Apply to painful areas as often as needed.  External use only.  Also available in 4 oz jars and 3 oz roll-on.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: Although customer testimonies have indicated substantial improvement in pain from various ailments, this product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to cure or prevent any diseases. Any information found on any page of our website is of a general nature only. We are not medical professionals and don’t give any medical advice. Visitors assume full and sole responsibility for use of any products and information offered on our website. Tillie’s Bath Cottage, LLC is a distributor of this product only.

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13 reviews for Ortho Jelly – 8 oz Jar SOOTHING BODY RUB

  1. Lisa

    This Ortho Jelly is amazing!!! Went into Tillie’s in St. Augustine today and the lady was so nice and wonderful!!! She was so helpful!!! I have an injured knee and this stuff helped the pain drastically!!! This stuff is so much better than any of the store bought chemical stuff and this ortho jelly is all natural!!! I definitely recommend it!!! I will definitely be coming back to her shop and/or ordering stuff online!!!

    • Gina Messenger

      Thank you so much Lisa. We are happy that you found a natural product that helps your injury. We do have great sales associates, and I am glad she was able to assist you. Best of luck! Gina

  2. Vika (verified owner)

    I recently discovered ortho jelly on vacation in June 2014. It has made an improvement in the quality of my life. I suffer from a form of Muscular Dystrophy which causes constant severe neuropathic pain thru out my entire body, especially my spinal area. I liked the pleasant smell & look of this product so I thought I would try it out. What a miracle!!! After an easy application of this moisturizing jelly onto my back, hips, legs, feet, neck, arms & hands I started to feel some pain relief. My case is very severe, so I usually apply product a couple times during night & day every day for continued relief. I love that it’s all natural. No more cancer causing chemicals for me that do not work anyway! I will only use ortho jelly in the future. My husband gets immediate relief with 1 application on his legs & feet before bedtime and then rests all thru the Night. Super great for restless arms & legs, arthritis pain, burning & tingling pain. I am going to put ortho jelly & some soaps or other items together to give to friends/loved ones as special occasion presents. Everyone I know is searching for that one product that actually works to relieve stress, aches & pain! They will be ecstatic to know I have found it in a jar labeled Ortho Jelly!!!!!

    • Gina Messenger

      I am so happy to read that you had a wonderful experience with Ortho Jelly. It is an amazing, natural product that I pray continues to help you with pain.
      We truly appreciate the kind words and the recommendations. We are wishing you and your husband all the best and I am glad we made you feel better. Let us know
      how you are doing. Regards, Gina Marie Messenger, Owner

  3. Dianne Baier (verified owner)

    I purchased Ortho Jelly in your shop a month ago, while we were on vacation, for my husband who has occasional knee pain. The next day, I fell and shattered my elbow and pinky, and had emergency surgery. Since coming back to NJ, I have been in constant pain (I think neuropathy pain) and the pain meds only partially help. Today, I remembered the jelly and decided to try it; first on my hand, and finally all the way up my arm. It is a miracle! After I applied it 4 hrs. ago I still have NO PAIN! Feels so good not to have pain. I thank you so much for this product. My friends and I, and maybe even my therapy group, will be ordering from you.

    • Gina Messenger

      Dianne – I think you told your story to Frankie and I am so happy that you are in less pain. We wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back in our town over the summer! Gina

  4. william (verified owner)

    So, I am on vacation in Florida shopping around and find this little store. The individual working there was very friendly and told me about this ortho jelly. I can honestly say I don’t buy into items that claim to help with pain. I do use icy hot and found that somewhat helpful because I jog/sprint because Air Force requires me to pass a fitness test. My friend has fibromyalgia, at least she was diagnosed with it. She wanted to try it so I purchased a small container for her. I am always sore after my sprints so she offered to put some on my calves and back. Gotta admit, it is very cold at first, but this stuff seems to work amazingly. Within an hour my soreness is gone. I was completely shocked as even icy hot didn’t work this good for me. She consistently uses it for her wrist and lower back. Consider me a customer for life. Thank you.

    • Gina Messenger

      Thank you William – I am so glad that you love the Ortho Jelly; it’s amazing. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing:) Gina

  5. Elaine (verified owner)

    Bought the first container of Ortho Jelly over the Thanksgiving holiday. It worked amazingly on my knees – have a torn meniscus and arthritis. My husband started using it for his back as well with the same great results. We started calling this the “secret sauce”. I’ve since purchased more for us as well as for our kids. I’m also spreading the word in our community in SE Georgia so I’m sure you’ll be getting more customers. This product is truly amazing.

    • Gina Messenger

      Awe, so nice of you to refer this great product to others. We really do appreciate all the kinds words and support from our customers. We too use Ortho Jelly faithfully. My husband found it as he has back pain also. Cannot live without it now! All the best to your family, and thank you again for the feed back! Come visit us again real soon! Gina

  6. Nick Sidella (verified owner)

    I play guitar in bands, and over the years I’ve developed carpal tunnel. I was told this could be really helpful, so I figured it was worth a shot. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Nearly instant relief. My hand use to freeze up during gigs, which would make playing not only painful, but exceptionally difficult. Now the worst I ever experience is heat up and down my wrist, but even then I’m able to play through much easier than I could without Ortho Jelly. On the better end of things, I feel no pain at all and can play with an ease I haven’t experienced in years! Truly a miracle product.

    • Gina Messenger

      Nick I am very happy that Ortho Jelly has given you comfort and painless playing. It would be a shame to give up such a talent. We really do our homework on the products we offer to our customers and seek only the best available, and as you have experienced, Ortho Jelly is truly amazing. Both my husband and I use the product and it works! Thanks for giving us good tunes and best of luck! Gina

  7. Krystal

    I was in St. Augustine this pass weekend and ran across this in a shop there. When I walked in I asked if there was any products for Arthritis pains? Was directly introduced to Otho Jelly. There was a sample to try right there. My knees we’re on fire and red. I tested it on my left knee and needless to say I bought some! I have used it everyday since and it’s a miracle in a bottle. I am a life time customer now! Thank you soo much for making a all natural product that works.

    • Gina Messenger

      So glad you found Ortho Jelly Krystal, it does really work to relieve arthritis pain and many other muscle and bone associated pain. Thank you for the wonderful comments! Please stop in anytime and let us know how you are feeling. We love when our customers come visit!

  8. Lynda Sanders

    I bought a jar of Ortho Jelly in 2014. Loved it!!! Bought a replacement Saturday and now notice the label and ingredients are different. Are there two versions? If not, I hope this combo works as well. The older jar never failed to perform and impress.

    • Gina Messenger

      Thank you Lynda for trying our product. It is the same excellent muscle lotion that you previously used and you should get the same benefits! Regards, Gina

  9. Briana

    I was visiting St. Augustine for a weekend and have been having horrible lower back pain and walking around the city didn’t make it better. I sampled this product in the store and it relieve the pain that muscle relaxers have not been able to do.

    • Gina Messenger

      Happy to hear that Ortho Jelly helped you feel better, and I am sure you finished walking around our beautiful city in less pain! Thank you for shopping with our little shop by the sea:)

  10. Sandy (verified owner)

    Ortho Jelly has made my life so much easier! Having arthritis in my neck sometimes limits the movement. After applying Ortho Jelly, I regain the movement and the pain goes away. Best stuff ever!
    Each time I’ve ordered from Tillies, I get my shipment right away. My last order, I ordered on Friday night and received my order Monday. Excellent service and products!

    • Gina Messenger

      Happy to hear you received relief in your neck, and that we have served you well. We try our best to make our customers feel like family and we strive to find the best bath n body products to offer them. Nothing but the best for our friends and family:)

  11. Jack Ferguson

    I stumbled into her store by happenstance about a year ago. She noticed my limp and we started a conversation at the end of which she encouraged me try sample some of this product. I did 4 tours in Afghanistan while serving in the Marines. My knees are trashed, my back constantly aches and/ or spasms and for the last 4 years ive been popping pain pills like pez just to get through the day some nights not even able to walk to bed without help, until the Ortho Jelly.
    This has truly changed my life. I can run again, wrestle with my son and go in walks with my wife. I can go out all day without worrying about how many Aleve I have left or if Tylenol will hold off the pain enough.
    This product really is that good.
    If you’re in chronic pain you’ve spent alot of money on pain pills. Why not spend some of that money on a product that actually works and doesn’t destroy your body.

    • Gina Messenger

      Thank you!! I am so happy that you are feeling much better. The Ortho Jelly product really does work, and I am glad that you stumbled in to our little shop. My husband found this product as you did and loves it for his chronic back pain. That is why I believe in it, and sell it to customers. Stop by anytime to say howdy! Best to you, and above all thank you for serving our country!! We honor you for that service. My dad was a proud Marine and our family has a long history of military honorees, so thank you so much for stepping up and serving us all. Much happiness, Gina and Frankie

  12. Susan Moore

    Both my husband and I use Ortho Jelly for different types of pain. He uses it for his knees & shoulder , I use it for my back. We have been using this for years. We first tried it at a store in The Villages Fl. and it was like a miracle cream, worked immediately. unfortunately the store no longer carries it so we have to order online.

  13. Rita Amisson

    Walking from my hotel, I happened upon this cottage, and the sales associate was so engaging! I bought several candles and soaps along with a roll-on of this rub. For about a month I’ve been dealing with plantar fasciitis and found significant relief after 1 nite-time application of this rub, which was amazing! I have to order more asap! Thank you!!!!

    • Sue Chabot-Amaral

      Thank you for your feedback

      Happy Holidays

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