Tobacco Flower Soap Bar (Vegan)

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It’s powdery, yet earthy, with a hint of Calendula Flowers floral scent blended to perfection.  This is a great unisex soap and has become a top seller, specs of flowers for a light of exfoliating.

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(Vegan) Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Palm Oil, Organic  Sunflower Oil,  Shea Butter,  Fragrance, Calendula Flowers, Red Clay, Mica.

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2 reviews for Tobacco Flower Soap Bar (Vegan)

  1. Bill Varela

    While on vacation, I stopped by your store as a first time customer and purchased this make as one of several samples. I really like the soft pleasant scent; the wonderful soothing sensation feel on your skin during and after use; and the fact that I can also use it as part of my after-shave process, which thanks to its beneficial ingredients, works very well in revitalizing my skin and leaving it soft and smooth throughout rest of day. Looking forward to not only ordering from you in the future, but also getting the chance to utilize the other samples I purchased from your location as well.

  2. Shane Worden

    As a first time customer I ordered this soap for my girl friend and the ortho jell for my neck. Well I have to say the ortho jell was the only thing that gave me any pain relief on my neck and I just had surgury 2 days ago. My girl friend loves the soap. This is her absolute favorite scent. The manager even sent me well wishes and prayers for my surgury. Besides haven’t amazing products the owners and staff are amazing. We WILL be back to order more products. There is no question. So if you are questioning weather or not to order. DONT!!! JUST ORDER. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

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