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    • Great Soaps! We received the package a few days ago. I love your products and will continue being a loyal customer. Keep up the amazing work and customer service. :) Best, Tara
    • Ortho Jelly a miracle cream in a jar!

      Ortho Jelly is a miracle cream! I walked into your shop in hopes of finding something to soothe my inflamed joints that had been giving me severe pain for months. You rubbed a sample of the Ortho Jelly on my pain stricken hands and almost instantly I felt relief, so much so I felt like crying with joy! I was sold! Doctors tell me I’m suffering from an autoimmune disease and it’s been pure pain and misery. That was on a Friday and I did not have to put anymore on until Monday after work. It’s the only thing I’ve tried that has worked, not only for the joints in my hands but also my bad knee! It actually took the swelling down! I’m astonished by this product! I work with a chiropractor. I introduced it to a few patients and it helped relieve their pain as well. The Doctor ordered a couple of jars to keep in the office since it worked so well. I’m so thankful I found this amazing miracle Cream. I love that it’s all natural ingredients! – Cynthia
    • Tillie’s Bath Cottage carries a full line of Kiss Me In the Garden bath n’ body care products!

      Kiss Me In The Garden Lotion – I love this body whipped lotion and elixir from Tillie’s – Kiss Me In the Garden collection. The all natural lotion and body oils are amazing!
    • Ortho Jelly has made my life so much easier! Having arthritis in my neck sometimes limits the movement. After applying Ortho Jelly, I regain the movement and the pain goes away. Best stuff ever! Each time I’ve ordered from Tillies, I get my shipment right away. My last order, I ordered on Friday night and received my order Monday. Excellent service and products! Sandy
    • Bought a bar of Clean Cotton Soap and Love the smell, and how smooth and clean it leaves my skin. I would definitely buy it again! Well worth the money ?!
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